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О происхождении слова glamour

Мне каждое утро приходит по мылу послание от alphaDictionary.com c объяснением значения, этимологии и употребления какого-нибудь английского слова. Сегодня меня развлекли этим:
'Glamour' is the result of the Scots' mispronouncing the
word 'grammar'! Believe it or not, glamorous women were originally
"gramarous", at least they were in Scotland. In the Middle Ages
'grammar' came to be the name of a witch's manual for casting
spells, eventually called a 'gramery', which held spelling rules
of a different sort. Later on, the Scots changed the pronunciation
to 'glomery' and soon were using it to refer to the magic spell
itself. Since things of beauty are enchanting and spellbinding,
it is no surprise that the meaning slipped over to that kind
of beauty. Finally, the most Scottish Scot of all, Sir Walter
Scott, spelling this word simply as 'glamour', brought it down
from the highlands in novels so compelling, even the British
had to accept it.

По прочтении каковой заметки возникает естественный вопрос: а как это связано с "гримуаром"?  Выяснить, думаю, будет нетрудно.
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